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Caring For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets make a beautiful addition to any porch or patio. Read some tips on how to care for them »

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Caring for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets make a wonderful gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, or any occasion really! Container gardening is easier than you think, and hanging baskets make a lovely addition to any porch or patio. Whether you plant your own from the start, or simply purchase a ready-to-go basket, there are some simple guidelines you can […]

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Starting Seeds Indoors

The arrival of March means that winter is finally coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner! However, temperatures may still be quite cold during the days and nights, and frost and snow still pose a threat to budding outdoor plants. While it’s not quite an ideal time to start planting your spring garden outside just yet, there are plenty of steps you can take to plan and get your plants off ti a great start indoors while you await warmer, longer days that will promote beautiful blossoms outdoors. Starting fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds indoors is easier than you think, and with a little knowledge and effort you can be well on your way to a beautiful Spring garden by the time it warms up outside! […]

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Why Plant (or Transplant) in the Fall?

Here are a few simple (although often unrealized) reasons why fall is the ideal season for planting:

Air temperatures are beginning to drop but soil temps remain warm, actually warmer than in the spring. This, coupled with increased rainfall, allows roots to get established quicker.  Warm ground is great for encouraging fast root development and with strong roots, your plant will be well established by next year.  If the same plant is planted in the Spring, it gets a slower start because soils are cooler. […]

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This beautiful shrub has arching foliage that produces pinkish flowers in early summer but in the fall bears clusters of glossy purple berries along its entire stem.  A great addition to your fall garden! and…
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There’s still time to re-seed your lawn. If you haven’t done it yet nows the time.  The same day you seed, apply new seeding lawn fertilizer or a fall fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

Fall’s a great time to ‘edit’ your garden.  It’s an ideal time to remove plants that didn’t work out.  Maybe they took up too much space or didn’t perform well.  Dig them up and give them away or toss them on the compost pile.


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We offer outdoor lighting services that are guaranteed to turn your space into an atmospheric getaway in your yard. Create the ideal gathering area for parties, romantic evenings or deeply relaxing alone time.  Our lighting fixtures are provided by Unique Lighting Systems to ensure top quality and long lasting results.

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October Gardening Tips

Rake and compost large leaves from oak and maple trees.  Smaller leaves from ash, honey locust, and birch trees may be chopped with a mulching mower when dry and left on your lawn.
Spread clean straw, marsh hay or oak leaves over tender perennials, newly planted bulbs and strawberries before temperatures drop into the teens but […]

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A Bit of Chrysanthemum History

“If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow Chrysanthemums.” (Chinese philosopher)

More than just a late-season garden booster, Chrysanthemums are used throughout the world in medicine, pest controls, edibles and teas. They are plants that have continually proved their worth, in both utility and beauty, since ancient times.

Chrysanthemums have been used and revered by the Chinese since at least the early 15th century, according to the National Chrysanthemum Society USA, “As an herb, it was believed to have the power of life. Legend has it that the boiled roots were used as a headache remedy; young sprouts and petals were eaten in salads; and leaves were brewed for a festive drink.” […]

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Are You Out Of Your Gourd

If you love to grow vegetables, but find you can never eat all your garden yields, here’s an alternative to researching new recipes in anticipation of your millionth tomato. Grow some decorative gourds in place of a portion of your usual edible veggies. Decorative gourds have potential as centerpieces, serving bowls, storage containers, birdhouses, and a wide range of children’s craft projects. You might be surprised that professional gourd artists can sell their art for as much as $20,000 and their artwork is displayed in galleries across the nation. If mastering the skills required for fine art gourds is not in your future, then consider the novelty of drying gourds for maracas and giving them to the youngsters in your family. […]

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Caring for Fall Beds

Are you overloaded with new ideas for perennial beds and borders after visiting friends or public display gardens? Seen lots of unfamiliar and interesting new plants at the nursery? If so, fall is an excellent time to prepare new beds for planting now or in the spring. The cooler temperatures, weaker sunlight and shorter days of fall mean less energy goes into top growth and more into establishing a strong root system. Planting in this area can usually continue through October.

After choosing the proper plants for your location-taking into account plant hardiness and the amount of available light-the most important thing you can do to insure success is to properly prepare your soil.

After marking off the area, you need to rid it of perennial weeds. Rototilling will only increase your weed crop, so you will need to carefully pull all underground stems and roots. Be sure to also remove any additional roots you find when you turn the soil over. […]

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