We offer the following hardscaping:

  • Walkways
  • Gravel
  • Pavers
  • Pathways
  • Pool Patios
  • Bluestone
  • Patios
  • Natural Flagstone
  • Thermal Blue Stone

What Are Your Plans? We can help!Driveway

What are your views around the driveway? What focal points may be supplemented? Do you have enough room for turns and parking? What are your best features of engineering and grading? How can the best features be enhanced?

Front Walkways & Garden Paths:
Is there existing congruence with your house (i.e. color, texture, size and shape)? How is your driveway integrated to your walkways? What would your best plant integration plan be? Do you have sufficient lighting for walkway safety and aesthetic appeal?

Side & Rear Yards
Will a patio or deck work better than the other to enhance your grounds and to accommodate gatherings? What are the current and future (are you going to expand your home) spatial requirements? Are there social and entertainment needs that will vary from group to intimate? What are the sun and shade indicators for grilling and lounging?

Pool Expertise
Hampton Nursery & Landscapes provides its customers with expert knowledge on pool placement, design, paving and decking. HNL will work with your pool company to ensure that you have everything right for your pool installation. Remember, there are many different uses for pools. Will you use your pool for lap swimming, diving, lounging, water polo, and night swimming? Hampton Nursery and Landscapes will define your special requirements and limitations in advance.

Other Active Landscape Elements
Hampton Nursery & Landscapes provides full design, location and installation of gazebos, ponds, cabanas, spas, athletic courses, play grounds/swing sets and sheds.

Construction & Installation
Hampton Nursery & Landscapes has an expert construction crew with more than 22 years of team collaboration for landscape construction and installation. HNL utilizes tools and techniques that minimize labor and afford easy access to the smallest of properties. Customers are encouraged to come to our retail location to select their own wallstone, flagstone, and pavers so that there is a true comfort level in what will be utilized on individual projects. Customers may also review hundreds of “before and after” photos to assist them in visioning their preferred landscapes.

Our Pledge
We will stay with you until the goals we’ve agreed to are met. We will provide follow-up with you for satisfaction for a full season-at no charge!